Affiliate Program Agreement Template

Affiliate marketing is an increasingly popular form of marketing, with new companies like Twitch as well as many other older or traditional companies launching affiliate programs. Allow a subsidiary on a non-exclusive basis to promote a distributor`s products, services or products and services. As with all treaties, the jurisdiction in which the agreement applies will be very important in terms of how it will be written and applied. Especially in the United States, each state may have different laws on the different aspects that would influence a contract for related companies. For example, states have different definitions of how commissions are calculated or taxed, which is an important part of the affiliate agreement, as we will see below. This can be particularly difficult when the rental company and subsidiary are established in different countries, especially with regard to tax calculations. It is important to be very clear about the geographies in which each party is located and the geographical laws that apply to it. The first thing that is included in an affiliate agreement, like all agreements, is a clear indication between which exactly the agreement exists. As mentioned above, you need to know if the person who pays and the person who is paid is either an individual or a business.

Both are able to enter into affiliation agreements with each other. You should have the full legal name and contact details of the person or company in the agreement itself. You intend to create an affiliate agreement to protect both parties in the transaction and to make it clear what will happen in different circumstances. Many companies will have a marketing website or other document that describes the most important concepts such as the compensation structure in the membership requirements of the affiliate program in one place. As soon as the Affiliate is interested in the program, the entire document will be sent to them for review and signature. Many companies with affiliate programs will also send regular updates to agreements that reflect changing conditions. To you: Your address, as shown in our affiliate account information for you. An affiliate is someone who sells products or services to others on behalf of your company. One can almost imagine it as an extended distribution force of third parties, with which one does not have a formal working relationship, but with which one pays in the first place only on the basis of commissions.

Sales and affiliate relationships are very common throughout history and are increasingly common in the digital age, with the dissemination of blogs, social media, streaming, live casting and other means of individuals who produce content and build an audience around it. You create a password to enter the secure interface of ShareASale`s affiliate account. From their website, you will receive your reports describing our calculation of the commissions you are receiving. Contact us for a free offer, as you build your affiliate program, as we have built and hundreds of others.