Android App End User License Agreement

While an EULA protects your interests in the software, the T-C agreement offers additional means of enforcement in case of fault in your application. Although the law does not require it, the ECJ is a useful agreement for developers. Like an AGB, this type of agreement can set out the rules and rules that users must follow to use the software application. This can be essential in protecting your intellectual property rights, which must also be clearly defined in an ECJ agreement. This end-user license agreement (this “agreement”) is a legal agreement between RustyBrick, Inc., a New York company (“RustyBrick,” “we” or “our”) and you, a user (“you” or “you”) of one of our mobile application products, as described below and/or on the website page where such a product is available for download (an “application” or “app” each time, and “App,” a separate EULA agreement is the only way to ensure that liability is effectively limited. An app downloaded to a user device is more vulnerable than an app that can be accessed through cloud services or online. Perhaps a user could manipulate the Office 365 code, as most of its resources are on that user`s device. To “reduce the size” of your Android app, run the checkEula method immediately after the setContentView in onOnCreate call for each activity in your app. Yes, please read below the sample app end user license contract for Apple, you can customize the same for Android. App Name App End User Licensing Agreement This end-user license agreement is between you and App Name and regulates the use of this app, which is available through the Apple App Store. By installing the app naming the app, you accept this agreement and understand that there is no tolerance for offensive content. If you disagree with the terms of this contract, you are not allowed to use the Name App.< To ensure that the Name app offers the best possible experience for all, we firmly insert a policy of tolerance for offensive content. If you see inappropriate content, please use the "Report as Offensive" feature, which you will find under each article.

Parties This contract exists only between you and the name of the app and not apple, Inc. (“Apple”). Notwithstanding the above, you acknowledge that Apple and its subsidiaries are third parties benefiting from this contract and that Apple has the right to enforce this agreement against you. App Name, not Apple, is solely responsible for the Name App and its content. 2. Privacy App Name can collect and use information about your use of the App Name app, including certain types of information from and on your device. App Name can use this information as long as it is in a form that does not personally identify you to measure the use and performance of the app naming app.