Ballast Water Treatment Agreement

The decision not to exchange ballast water must be clearly recorded in the ballast water booklet. The first scientifically recognized deposit of a non-native marine species, transported in maritime waters, took place in 1903 in the North Sea, with the emergence of the Asian phytoplankton Odontella. The problem became more and more frequent with the increase in shipping at the end of the 20th century, and the subject was first discussed at IMO in 1988. [5] After several years of development, the convention was adopted by the International Maritime Organization in 2004. [2] To enter into force, the Convention required the ratification of at least 30 states representing 35% of the world`s tonnage of merchant vessels, provided that it would enter into force 12 months later. [6] On 8 September 2016, Finland joined the Convention, bringing States Parties to 52% and total state tonnage to 35.14%. [6] This triggered the applicability of the convention, which took place on September 8, 2017. [6] [7] [8] Since Finland, a number of States have continued to ratify the treaty, so that from November 2018, the total number of contracting states will amount to 78, or 77.19% of the world tonnage of merchant vessels. [9] NYK is a comprehensive logistics provider that, in addition to the seaway, also provides land and air services, operating nearly 800 vessels, from cape bulk carriers to LNG carriers. NYK, which already has experience with the Alfa Laval PureBallast water treatment system, has signed a fleet contract for a new wave of installation. Over the past four decades, Mr. Kotak has been actively involved in the growth history of the J.M Baxi Group and India as a whole, both evolving and revolutionary.

The J.M Baxi Group`s extensive offering includes shipping, shipping, freight transportation, heavy freight projects and transportation, container and storage station, inland container terminals and rail transportation, container terminals, offshore oil and gas, water treatment facilities, wireless communications and technology. , especially for the sea and logistics. Qingdao Sunrui is responsible for research, design, manufacturing, engineering, testing and attribution of corrosion control and water treatment projects. The BalClor ballast water management system is one of the world`s top 3. Until that date, almost the entire merchant fleet will have met the requirements of Regulation D-2 of the World Cup Convention and it would not be necessary to exchange ballast water unless, in exceptional cases, interest in signing fleet contracts for the Alfa Pure LavalBallast water treatment system gradually increased during 2018. So far, this has resulted in ten agreements during the year, including agreements recently signed by two shipowners to ensure compliance with ballast water treatment rules; TORM and Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK).