Eden Agreement

Pitt chose William Eden for his work with the Board of Trade and Plantations and because Eden had extensive experience in managing economic problems, both in Ireland and in America, which Pitt thought would give Eden an exceptional insight into Anglo-French thinking. Eden immediately went to work, and in April 1786 he forged an agreement with GĂ©rard de Rayneval, his French counterpart. But despite Eden`s optimism, the British, and in particular Pitt Edenal, were not in favour of the original agreement because of its indeterminate nature. Pitt attempted to impose higher tariffs on the most important products of his time, which entered the Anglo-French market. In October 1956, Mollet, Eden and Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion met in Sevres, near Paris, and reached a secret agreement for Israel to attack Egypt, providing a pretext for an Anglo-French invasion of Suez. In 1922, Britain gave nominal independence to Egypt, but it took several years to reach an agreement. The Anglo-Egyptian Treaty, signed in London in 1936, declared Egypt an independent sovereign state, but allowed British troops to continue to be deployed in the Suez Canal area to protect Britain`s financial and strategic interest in the canal until 1956. b. Authorized users.

Employees, contractors or customer agents authorized by the customer to use the platform`s services (each a “licensed user”) can access the platform`s services and use them under the customer`s account. Each authorized user must (i) create and use their own login information to access the platform`s services (i.e. authorized users cannot share their login information) and (ii) accept the terms. The customer is responsible for all the actions of its authorized users in relation to the platform`s services and their compliance with the conditions. The customer will ask all authorized users to use all appropriate means to protect usernames and passwords, hardware and software used to access subscription services in accordance with standard security protocols and will notify Eden immediately if the customer knows or reasonably assumes that a username and/or identity word has been compromised. a. Full agreement. These conditions constitute the understanding and agreement between you and Eden regarding the services of the platform, and these conditions replace all written or written prior agreements or agreements between Eden and you regarding the platform`s services. If, for whatever reason, a competent court finds that a provision of these conditions is invalid or unenforceable, that provision is applied to a maximum permissible measure and the other provisions of these conditions remain fully in force and effective.