Memorandum Of Agreement Waste Disposal Philippines

ILOILO CITY – A total of 30 municipal units (LGUs) in Iloilo are allowed to dispose of their residual waste in the Passi City landfill. The latter, like the 29 LGUs without Passi, signed an agreement (MOA) on Thursday for the municipalities to use the facility. “The law of the Republic stipulates that each municipality should have permanent storage, usually in the form of a sanitary landfill,” Cangrejo said. “Some of the cities that are not viable for transporting their waste to Passi City also have waste management programs. They have material recycling facilities, waste shredders, bio-composts, among others,” he said. WASTE DISPOSAL. Lawyer Arturo Cangrejo, a delegated official with the Iloilo Province Office of Environment and Natural Resources, said 30 local government units in the province are now allowed to dump their residual waste in a sanitary landfill in Passi City. These LGUs are now in compliance with the mandate of the Republic`s Law 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2002, he said. (Photo PNA by Gail Momblan) The 308 million php plant in the village of Aglalana in Passi can handle 200 tons of waste a day, he said. However, he assured that other municipalities had taken steps to dispose of their waste and set up their waste management plant. Cangrejo said the facility will be commissioned after construction on October 24, 2019.

(PNA) Seven of the municipalities in the 3rd district of Iloilo signed the MOA, eight from the 4th district, 11 from the 5th arrondissement, three from the 2nd arrondissement; And one from the 1st arrondissement. Cangrejo said the other 13 local government units were unable to sign the MOA because it is not viable for most of them to transport garbage to Passi City due to geographic considerations. It was provided through a public-private partnership between Passi and Basic Environment Systems Technologies, Inc. (BEST) as part of the IPM group of companies. In an interview Friday, lawyer Arturo Cangrejo, head of the province`s Office of Environment and Natural Resources, said the 30 LGUs are now the right of the republic. 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2002.