Ua 740 Collective Agreement

17 ARTICLE 18 – JURISDICTIONAL DISPUTES All legal disputes between the Union and other construction unions concerning any work carried out by an employer are adapted in accordance with the National Joint Committee for the Settlement of Legal Disputes or other procedures that may be accepted in the future by the construction division A.F.L.C.I.O. Such litigation and continued work will not interfere in any way in the progress and continuation of work If there is a legal dispute between unions and at the union`s request, a letter signed on employer`s letter to letter, indicating that members of the Unified Association have been employed in certain types of work on a particular project. ARTICLE 19 – UNION STEWARDS AND UNION OFFICERS The employer provides access to all workstations to accredited representatives of the International Union and to chief operating officers, local union business agents and construction council operations managers, provided the employer has the right to grant such access, provided that it obtains the authorization of the employer`s managers and does not induce workers to neglect their work in all workplaces. the director of the company or the agent of the Union Enterprise will determine the appointment of a steward among the skilled workers or do otherwise and notify the employer by telephone and telephone. the administrator will not revoke the activity between the Union and the employer until the labour requirements are reduced to three (3) workers, with the exception of foremen, provided that the administrator has the trade policy qualifications for the necessary work. The licensee informs the Chief Operating Officer when a steward is to be transferred or dismissed Under no circumstances does the work administrator enter into agreements with the foreman or management that somehow conflict with a section or clause of this agreement.