Unpaid Internship Agreement South Africa

Nozuko Poni, now 29, was already in a similar situation in 2011. Freshly, she studied film and media and was not interested in working in a call centre, she did an internship in a newly created youth magazine. She got to write and style shoots for the magazine and her website. However, they granted only one transportation allowance to the participants. 1.4. This agreement is concluded as part of the training of the SPECIFY EDUCATION trainee and, during the internship period, the NUMBER ETCS trainee will accumulate points. Sick leave is leave when a person is sick and unless he or she is working. Legislation such as the General Working Conditions Act provides for the number of sick days granted to a worker. This legislation does not apply to independent contractors as well as trainees, but the concept of sick leave is often included in an internship contract.

It is important that the number of sick days granted to the trainee be agreed and indicated as part of the agreement. In the event of disagreement between the intern and the principle that the principle wants to terminate the contract prematurely, it is important that an early termination clause include such cases in the contract. “Explaining to my mother why I would take my handbag and go to work every day, but not paid, it was difficult – she didn`t even know what an internship was. She was not impressed. That`s one of the reasons I left after three months and worked as a customer advisor and administrator,” says Nozuko from Cape Town. The common law found that the expiry of the fixed-term employment contract, such as an internship contract, does not constitute a termination of the contract by any of the parties. It is considered an automatic dismissal ex lege (law) rather than a dismissal. In practice, this means that the trainee does not have the right to file an unfair dismissal application if the principle of termination of the contract is unjustified or unjustified. But first, what is an internship and what should you expect if you are offered one? Although she did not complete the six-month internship, she had developed good relationships during her work at the magazine. Nozuko was able to obtain independent writing and styling work. She currently works as an Account Executive for the company, which owns the publication she originally brought as an intern.