Volunteer Agreement Template Victoria

Responsible for the proper assignment and management of volunteers in their area, in accordance with this policy. Library volunteers participate in a structured volunteer program that may include front of house roles (publicly available) or returning roles. The tasks and opportunities of the volunteers are verified and varied according to the strategic orientation of the library. We have created a National Volunteer Guide that can be used by volunteer organizations across Australia. It provides an overview of the key legal obligations that organizations owe to volunteers and provides practical examples, presentation materials and advice to help them understand them. The manual is available for download below. The objective of this policy is to articulate the framework that ensures that volunteering at the State Library Victoria (the library) is guided by fair and consistent principles and procedures that provide positive experience and results for volunteers, visitors and library staff. The proposed volunteer roles will be evaluated by volunteer services based on your orientation under this directive, taking into account the following characteristics: The State Library Victoria volunteer program is supported and supported by the Library`s leadership team and the Library Board of Victoria. Volunteering means a voluntary time for the common good and the free will of the volunteer, without constraint; No financial payments and only in some volunteer positions. The library integrates volunteer planning into our strategic plan focused on our organizational goals. Volunteers complement the role of paid staff by improving the visitor experience and helping the library add value to its target groups and the community. Volunteers do not replace or reduce the number of paid employees needed to maintain quality services and are not used to undermine staffing levels. Voluntary hours and hours of attendance are negotiated between the volunteer and his or her supervisor based on the requirements of the volunteer`s role and availability.

The maximum regular commitment of a volunteer is capped in accordance with Volunteering Australia guidelines. There are voluntary organizations that can also provide support services. (At the end of this page, you`ll find links to organizations). Volunteers and staff are seen as partners in the implementation of the library`s vision, values, programs and services, each playing a complementary role. It is important that volunteers and paid employees understand and respect each other`s needs and responsibilities. Volunteer facilitators, tasked by thinkers to monitor and coordinate volunteers on a daily basis, ensure that volunteers are supported in their role in accordance with this policy and the procedures associated with it. Volunteers working with the National Collection are supervised and have no duty of care for the collection. It can be helpful for your organization to look for someone by speaking to different volunteer agents and agencies. You can also advertise online or in your local newspaper.

Organizations that can help: our lawyers are legal experts and volunteers. Your organization may be eligible for our free legal advice service. To find out, please complete the online application form below. Using the online form is the quickest and easiest way for us to process your application, which means we can reply to you earlier (usually within 48 hours of business) and inform you about how we can help you. For more information on the authorization, visit our legal advice page. Voluntary organizations can ensure that their relationship with volunteers is managed in a judicious, respectful and secure manner by understanding legal issues related to volunteer engagement and management. Volunteering activities can be supported through the library`s website and through a number of volunteer recruitment and community organizations.