Buyer Representation Agreement Canada

The buyer agent sued the listing agent for “unjustified enrichment” and explained that he had done the work when the buyer was introduced into the property and that he deserved to participate in the commission. The court objected and stated that no claim could be invoked without a signed ARB. An ARO is a legally binding contract that states in writing that you work exclusively with a real estate agent for a certain period of time. So why sign an ARO as a buyer and what should you keep in mind before putting your name on the polka dot line? While some agents are willing to cancel an ARO before it expires, this won`t always be the case. An ARO is a legal agreement, so take this into account if you remove your name and initials. If you have problems and an agent is not ready to scrap or change the contract, addressing your concerns when mediating your agent should be your first way to proceed. Personally, if my client came to me and wanted to get out of his buyer`s agreement, I would cancel it. Why should I work with someone who doesn`t want to work with me? It makes no sense. A Buyer Representation Contract (BRA) is a contract that requires you to work exclusively with a real estate agent for an agreed period of time if you are in the market to buy a home. You don`t have to sign an ARB, and if you do, you don`t have to buy a house for the duration of the contract.