Cell Site Lease Agreement Philippines

Like the two types of lease mentioned above, a tenant lease agreement is concluded when a network operator wishes to install transmission equipment on structures that were not initially designed for mobile connection (e.g. B water towers, billboards, electric poles, etc.). Is it possible to rent certain properties in the Philippines for 5G mast and mobile phone companies? Where can I apply? Many people may already know what a Telco tower is. Others call it the cellular site when the telecommunications tower is used for the transmission of mobile signals and data. You can see these cell sites and the telecommunications tower as very tall metal towers with antennas at the top, and you have a flashing red light above the antenna. This tower is usually limited to a small area of land and secured by walls and barbed wire. The areas where they are located are usually located near or right next to the public road. This is important because building a tower is easy when materials can be delivered with great ease to the cell location. Others must also be in a specific location. These places, which are desirable, are land close to many business establishments, municipalities and the city itself.

You are lucky enough to have such real estate, and you can earn more by renting the property to telecommunications companies to build a telecommunications tower or mobile phone site. Hello. A mobile phone tower wants to put us a tower in our country. our Lang is only 2600 m². And we have a house on it. Isn`t it dangerous that the tower is close to our home??. That`s where we can help. Landmark Dividend can analyze your mobile phone mast or roof site lease agreement and provide liquid market value. With a free location assessment, we give property owners an overview of the value of your mobile phone or roof rental agreement as well as the value of mobile phone mast sites in the area.

As a leasing acquisition company, we can also monetize your leasing to help you achieve your financial goals. If your location is qualified, Landmark will purchase your mobile phone mast or roof rental agreement for a substantial lump sum payment in cash. For a free location evaluation, click here. You can also contact us free of charge at 1-844-722-0113 or by email at info@landmarkdividend.com. In dense urban areas where there is no land available for a traditional tower or where very few roofs are available, mobile phone rents will obviously be higher. For example, a city like San Francisco has some of the highest mobile phone rents in the country. On average, property owners in the city of San Francisco can expect rents of about US$3,000 per month for mobile phone towers, almost twice as much as in a city like Los Angeles. The advent of Small Cell technology is beginning to have an impact on mobile tower rents. Small cells, such as microcells and femtoic cells, are starting to become a more advantageous option for mobile operators, as they are more efficient, less expensive and a little easier to implement in different places, especially in urban areas where the space of freedom is becoming scarcer by the day. While a moving pole on your land has many advantages, property owners should be aware of the risks associated with equipment.

Not only that, but the mobile operator or Tower company doesn`t necessarily have your best interests in mind. Your goal is profit. . . .