Civil Nuclear Agreement 2015

The call said India`s draft nuclear deal would be “a non-proliferation catastrophe and a serious setback for the prospects for global nuclear disarmament,” and also insisted that all heads of state and government of the world who take the end of the arms race seriously “stand up and be counted.” [31] In January 2008, the Bush administration informed Congress that the United States could terminate all cooperation with India if India detonated a nuclear device. The government added that it does not intend to help India design, build or exploit sensitive nuclear technologies by transferring dual-use items. [158] The statements were deemed sensitive in India, as the debate over the deal in India could have toppleed the government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The agreement will also help India meet its goal of adding 25,000 MW of nuclear capacity through the import of nuclear reactors and fuels by 2020. [27] The six-year stalemate in the implementation of India`s civilian nuclear deal was broken on Sunday during talks between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 17 June 2008: Mr Pranab Mukherjee, Minister of Foreign Affairs, meets Prakash Karat and asks the left to allow the government to advance the safeguard agreement of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Q3: What are the concerns about extending an agreement 123 with China? Following the first NSG meeting in August 2008, diplomats found that up to 20 of the 45 NSG countries presented conditions similar to those of the Hyde Act for India`s renunciation of its activities with the NSG.