Senor Jordan Adjective Agreement

Tags: Adjectives, Conformity, Comparisons, Descriptions, Estar, Gender, Inequality, less, más que, menos que, plus, noun, noun, number, SER, Spanish, que, unequal and unequal comparisons So how do you feel about possessive adjectives/pronouns? Do you understand why we use it? Do you understand how they are used? Now test your new skills in this downloadable exercise: the possessive pronoun exercise. It is very often that you are confused because Spanish is a little different from English. We can be male or female names. We call that the kind of name. If this is something that has confused you in the past, watch this video where we break down 10 different rules to help you understand when a name is masculine or feminine. I am a professor of studies in Latin America, I teach Latin American history and politics as well as basic Spanish. I love reading, writing, teaching and traveling. Travel with me to the Andes to explore the diverse culture of Latin America. Videos really help in my understanding. Keep up the work. I`m glad you`re enjoying it! I think Señor Jordan produces very clear, easy to understand and fun instructions. .

Our friend, Señor Jordan, has a great video to recap and explain this information. Watch his video. Note the insertion of the specific article “the” This sentence should be reorganized as follows to remove the :. Anthony+Bourdain+No+Reservations+Dominican+Republic.docx If you liked this post, please like or share it. To learn more about the Spanish language, Latin American history and culture, follow the Andes today via WordPress or Facebook or subscribe to my mailing list. Hola. In this lesson, we learn how to use the droppings of stressed possessivivés and then practice them.